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Birthday Celebration for Konrad Osterwalder

Konrad Osterwalder turned 60 years old on June 3, 2002, and his friends celebrated with a small meeting at the E.T.H. in Zürich. The talks took place in the beautiful Aula Maxima; afterwards one went upstairs to the Dozentenfoyer on the roof to dine with a spectacular view over the city, lake, and mountains. I brought my 15-year old daughter Margaret to the meeting, as she knew Konrad for many years. We stayed for two weeks in the excellent Hotel Tiefenau. Here is Konrad with some friends before a lecture:
Res Osterwalder Konrad Robert Schrader Walter Hunziker Erhard Seiler Ruedi Seiler Gian-Fausto Dell Antonio Lon Rosen


Here is Konrad in his office (with Margaret on the far right):


At dinner, I presented Konrad with a "gurggling cod."




Nathan Seiberg gave the E.T.H. Pauli lectures on string theory at that time, and he also stayed at the Hotel Tiefenau. So Margaret and I enjoyed several breakfasts together with Nathan. Margaret attended the first Pauli lecture after which she asked a question—in front of the packed audience of professors and students in the Audi Max —and I held my breadth! It turned out to be an interesting question and got a very nice response.

Basel: On the weekend in Switzerland, Margaret and I attended the wedding of Eugen Krieger and Sarah Künzli in Basel. This was the first time I had attended a wedding in Switzerland, having been unable to attend the wedding of Sibylle Stählin one year earlier. Here are photos from the reception on 8 June, 2002:

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