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Some Personal Moments During my 2006 Visit to the E.T.H.

Each year there is a series of public lectures on mathematics, physics, or biology. In 2006 Richard Hamilton from Columbia University gave these "Pauli Lectures" on the topic of the Poincaré conjecture. The mathematics department hosted an festive reception and dinner on 14 June 2006 at Belvoir Park.
Beno Eckmann André Haefliger Jürg Fröhlich Marie-Claude Hepp George Szpiro Matthias Gaberdiel Richard Hamilton, the Pauli Lecturer Belvoir Park Restaurant Tom Ilmanen
Gisbert Wustholz Tom Ilmanen Pauli Lecturer: Richard Hamilton Gerhard Huisken Michael Struwe Jürg Fröhlich Klaus Hepp, Richard Hamilton, and Gerhard Huisken


Jürg Fröhlich was physics departmental chair in 2006; so he was happy to find an evening we could spend together. I invited him with my regular luncheon companion, Costas Bachas who gave a series of beautiful string theory courese. On 22 June 2006 we went to my favorite restaurant, the Brasserie Seefeld:


Konrad Osterwalder has been Rektor of the E.T.H. for eleven years. So he has even less time, but we too managed to get together one evening:
Konrad Osterwalder in his office.  Konrad is now Rektor of the E.T.H.

Konrad and Arthur Jürg Fröhlich Arthur Arthur Arthur Costas Bachas

Theoretical physics is still small enough at the E.T.H. that the various groups can easily interact. (I recall happily that life when I first came to Harvard, but now our Harvard department grew large and consequently fractionated.) I often spent time talking with Matthias Gaberdiel and the string theorists. And Matthias was proud of his new home outside the city:


On the occasion of the GeNeZiSS (Geneva Neuchâtel Zürich informal String Seminar)
Luis Alvarez-Gaumé and Matthias Gaberdiel


At the home of Vreni
Marie-Claude Hepp, Vreni Osterwalder, and Klaus Hepp

Gian-Michele Graf lives in a small village nearby:

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