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Montage by Martha Stewart mathematician Nancy Kopell during the standing ovation for Sidney Murray Gell-Mann Frank Wilczek John Huth, Physics Department Chair Arthur organized the Sidneyfest Larry Summers, Harvard President, and Arthur, just before Larry charmed the Science Center audience. Paul Steinhardt David Gross Diana Teschemacher, the wife of Sidney Coleman author and journalist Betsy Devine Sidney spoke at dinner Friday night and received a standing ovation. Academy Award-winning-director Errol Morris interviewed participants throughout the Sidneyfest. He set up a sophisticated studio and filmed in the Physics Research Library. Arthur Sheldon Glashow Arthur organized the Sidneyfest with Barbara Drauschke, his long-time assistant.  They received help from all the department staff. The world-renowned Swiss harpist Ursula Holliger offered a special concert for Sidney, Diana, and their guests. with photos, videos, and more.

photos above by Martha Stewart

By the way, on Saturday afternoon the Sidneyfest drew a larger audience than the 2004 physics department puppet show that packed Jefferson 250.  I interpret this as a positive omen for the future of physics! You can get a bit of the flavor and excitement from the blog written by Luboš Motl.


Starting: 1:30pm on Friday, March 18, in the Harvard Science Center Lecture Hall B
Continuing: all day Saturday morning and afternoon in Jefferson Labs, Room 250.

Speakers to include: M. Gell-Mann, S.L. Glashow, D. Gross,
P. Steinhardt, G. 't Hooft, E. Weinberg, S. Weinberg, F. Wilczek, E. Witten

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 Schedule of Events

Friday, March 18, Science Center B
1:00 Registration of Out of Town Guests
1:30 Opening  
1:45-2:30 David Gross The Future of Physics
2:30-3:15 Frank Wilczek Asymptotic Freedom: From Paradox to Paradigm
3:15-3:45 Break  
3:45-4:30 Paul Steinhardt Cosmology in a False Vacuum
4:45-5:15 Murray Gell-Mann
Sheldon Glashow

Saturday, March 19, Jefferson 250
10:00-10:45 Erick Weinberg
10:45-11:15 Break  
11:15-12:00 Steven Weinberg Cosmological Correlations
12:00-1:30 Lunch Break  
1:30-2:15 Gerard 't Hooft Symmetry and Sidney
2:15-2:45 Break  
2:45-3:30 Edward Witten Emergent Phenomena in Condensed Matter and Particle Physics

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Parking Information

Harvard requires parking permits 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
One-day parking permits can be purchased at

To register, enter:
     “Physics Dept” as the Department
     “3043” as the Department Code.

For Friday ($8), the closest lot is Everett Garage or 52 Oxford Street (open until 11:30 p.m.)
For Saturday ($5), the DEAS lot is adjacent to Jefferson.

Please call Harvard Parking at 617-495-3722 with questions about parking.

For other questions and comments, please contact Barbara Drauschke or Arthur M. Jaffe